Thursday, July 17, 2008

13th Painting

You might notice I've skipped number 12. I didn't like the end result which was kind of a reflection of my connection with the painting through it's progress. It's all a learning process though so it's all good. I'm finding myself getting addicted to painting, I think this one is my best so far....and I've been commissioned to do paintings for someone for real money....woohoo!, not that I'm charging much but it's still nice. Cheers, Alex.


Karina said...

i like the colors on this one. i've always admired anyone who can really commit to painting. it seems like it would require a lot of patience and endurance to go through an entire canvas.
good work!

The Logisitician said...

This painting actually strikes a chord with me. I was in Ixtapa, Mexico at a Clud Med and was boogy boarding on a beach on which average swimmers should not have been. The waves were way too high for me, and I got tossed, and became disoriented. This scene reminds me of that feeling. Shortly thereafter, in roughly 1985or so, there was a huge earthquake nearby, and when I returned to Ixtapa a couple of months later, I was told that the water had retreated from the shore / beach, washed out to sea, and then returned with a tremendous fury. Although I was not there for the earthquake, that image of the water rushing back in, in conjunction with my personal tossing shortly before, always made me respect huge waves. Nice work.