Thursday, July 17, 2008

13th Painting

You might notice I've skipped number 12. I didn't like the end result which was kind of a reflection of my connection with the painting through it's progress. It's all a learning process though so it's all good. I'm finding myself getting addicted to painting, I think this one is my best so far....and I've been commissioned to do paintings for someone for real money....woohoo!, not that I'm charging much but it's still nice. Cheers, Alex.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My 11th Painting

Still in my 'learning to paint phase' I'm starting to feel the urge to spread my wings and try something of my own...maybe soon.

My 10th Painting

As always, please comment.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick of Bland Media News???

Are you sick of bland media news?

It's been said that every morning Rupert Murdoch sends an email distributed to each of his News Corp media outlets telling them what news to cover and from what angle so basically you only get to see what Rupert wants you to see and only from his point of view. Logically you could assume that all media industries work the same.

So I decided that I'd start my own news blog. I figured that if we can't really on the validity of a news story then I might as well put a humourous spin on it.

So check out News Free News where I re-write current news stories with a satirical point of view.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Check out is a revenue sharing content management website where you can submit your articles for other members to vote on. There are heaps of categories and it gets your blog seen. Before I was prepared to write about the site I registered and submitted a story from my blog and it was really easy. I’m really looking forward to see how other members vote on my story. So be sure to check out

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is Homework Too Much

This is an arguement that crops up from time to time. Is homework detrimental to our kids or a value to their education?
I've always thought that for the teenage years that homework should be set because it's important for them to develop research skills and be able to work towards a deadline etc.
For younger kids I've always though some homework is OK in moderation but at times the schools seem to go a bit far for younger kids.
Take this as an example.
My 10 year old son currently has a homework assignment to do on top of his usual daily homework of maths and english. He was given two weeks to do the assignment and it is now due this Friday. The assignment is on the First Fleet and Australia's First Settlement: here are the 4 parts to the assignment:
1. Predict the cost os feeding the convicts on the voyage of the first fleet.
2. Draw an outline of Port Jackson and highlight the important features for the settlers.
3. Construct a model of the First Settlement.
4. Describe what the landscape would have been like for the first settlers.

Now Q4 is just some creative writing and Q2 is just a map, now worries. But the other 2 questions, considering NO supportive information has been provided by the teacher, are just too much. After some hours of searching I managed to find a sketch of the First Settlement and from that I have made a model - a challenge for me let alone a 10 year old, but Q1 has been rediculous. We've managed to find a list of the provisions taken with the first fleet but do you think I can find any information on the net stating the cost of food in the late 1700's or the amount of food given to each convict...ridiculous, and I've been spending hours and hours looking, how is a 10 year old expected to do this?

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