Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have you signed on to PayPerPost

What an awesome concept, you enjoy blogging (and if you’re like me blogging has become somewhat addictive),every day you check the traffic to your blog and add another post or to, so why not get paid for doing what you love, why not sign onto payperpost
I first found out about payperpost by reading a post just like this on someone else’s blog, they claimed to have made $75 for just 5 posts so I checked it out. Once I saw that it was all legitimate I jumped on board immediately. Even though there are bloggers who have earned in excess of twenty thousand dollars through payperpost I’ll be happy if I can just cover the cost of my internet access. Being Australia it’s not cheap and I’m paying eighty dollars a month for 25Gb. So how easy is it really, well from what I can see it’s really easy. On the payperpost site they’ve got a fairly extensive list of offers with ranging payment amounts, you find one you like, write about it, and the money goes to your account, I can’t wait to get stuck into getting paid to do what I would be doing anyway, so be sure to check it out at payperpost

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