Friday, May 23, 2008

My Take on Swearing and Vocabulary

It's often said that those who use profanity are simply displaying their lack of intelligence and poor vocabulary.
Well to them I say "fuck you!".
Swear words are just that, words. I think they certainly have their place in society today and whilst I do believe there are perhaps circumstances where swearing isn't appropriate, such as talking to you grandmother or addressing the Queen I think that if the word fits then use it.

I'd challenge anyone to convey the passion of a statement like "FUCK YOU CUNT!" or "I'M FUCKING PISSED OFF" without swearing, it's just not possible.

And as for those arrogant twats who insist on using ridiculously large and obscure words in a conversation as a means to display higher intelligence and superiority...get a fucking life. The whole purpose of conversation is to convey a message and if you are selectively choosing to utilise words that you think are not likely to be understood by the the recipient of your conversation then it shows that the only message you are trying to convey is your self inflated egotistical superiority over the other and not the actual contents of the message...FUCK OFF!

I would much rather someone use swearing as a means to emphasise the passion they might have for a particular topic then try to use a more selective vocabulary and risk missing the point or understating their true feelings.

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