Monday, May 26, 2008

My Third Painting

So I'm on my quest to become what I would consider a good painter. I don't know that I know what makes a good painter but at the moment I'm thinking for me to consider myself a good painter I would firstly need to produce paintings that I think are as good as any that a professional painter would produce and secondly, my paintings would need to be at a level that people would be prepared to pay for.

Not to give the impression that I'm doing this for money, far from it. I'm doing this because art and being artistic is something that I've been drawn to all my life but never really explored in any depth and also because as a part of some self development I decided that I needed a regular creative outlet.....and above all I enjoy it.

That said, if the day did come where people did want to buy my paintings I'd love to do that to, financial stability is not something my family and I have or have ever had in our lives.

Anyways, after starting a third painting and having it end up in the bin I decided that if I'm to be successful at this I'm going to need to learn how to paint and not just rely on raw talent and practice.

This painting therefore will be the first in what we'll call the "learning to paint" series, that is, I followed a tutorial I downloaded off the net.

Of course it's nowhere near as good as the one in the tutorial though the tutorial guy had more brushes, more colours, was using oils not acrylics and of course that's his thing so I shouldn't be too disappointed. I did learn some things, which is good, and I'm not entirely unhappy with the result, I give it 6/10. Let me know what you think.

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